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Wings Custom Hats
Made from Top Quality Materials and Custom Stitched Embroidery, Front and Back
Velcro Closure
$20 each

Wings And Warriors Embroidered Patches
99% embroidery in a 3.5 inch tall size with heat cut border and no backing (sew on)
$5.00 each (FREE shipping to lower 48 states)

Wings And Warriors Pins
Die Struck Iron soft enamel pins in a 1.5 inch wide size with two military clutches @2.50 each
(FREE shipping to lower 48 States)

Woodburning Art
Our dedicated volunteer staff has an artistic talent of creating custom woodburning wall plaques for your home or office.  Each one is unique and handcrafted.  There are many to choose from and custom orders are accepted.  If you would like a custom order please send email to:
Here are just a few we have to offer:

$15.00+ shipping
$15.00 + shipping
15.00+ shipping
$15.00 + shipping
$15.00 + shipping
$15.00+ shipping
$15.00 + shipping

Paracord Leashes

These dog leashes are preferred by Wings-And-Warriors trainers and handlers and are custom made for Wings-And-Warriors.

What makes them different from other leashes?
These are 4-way leashes.  Made of strong paracord 550, you can wear it 1) diagonal across your chest leaving your hands free or 2) you can attach it around your waist leaving your hands free, or you can use it traditional 3) as a short lead or 4) long lead. 

These paracord leashes are the strongest and the longest lasting leash you'll ever have.
Made from assorted colors, these braided leashes are a custom fit for any size man, woman or child.  Typically a 6 foot lead (approx), this leash can be made to wear or use 4 different ways.  Adjustable rings make it easy to configure for any lead.
(Custom Orders Available) 
Event Discount Prices Are Available (20%off)

 $40.00 + shipping

$40.00 + shipping

Wings And Warriors Shirts

 This is a limited time offer and will only be available through our website until May 4th.
Mens Tee $17.50
Womens Tee - $19
Womens fitted tank - $20
Available in 5 assorted colors

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